Mouche & Friends – Cinthia Vallet

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Mouche & Friends: Seamless Toys to Knit and Love is Cinthia Vallet’s debut book that includes patterns for 12 knitted toy animals, plus their garments and accessories. Cinthia brings her characters to life with little stories, creating a charming combination of a knitting book and a children’s storybook. Come meet Mouche the Bear and his friends: Henri the Orangutan, Agi the Sheep, Billie the Raccoon, and others!

Cinthia’s toy-making process is unique and totally seamless, which ensures a flowing knitting experience. The animals are knitted with natural fibres and worked in the round, starting from the nose and knitting down to the feet — growing a toy rather than building it. It is fascinating to see how these little creatures come alive while knitting.

The book is meant for knitters of all kinds. Cinthia walks her readers through the techniques step-by-step with clear, illustrated tutorials, which makes knitting easy and enjoyable. She also shares her tips on working small circumferences, picking yarns and preparing a toolbox for toy-making.


Varenummer: 176116
Pakkevekt: 650 g
Pakkestørrelse: 23 × 19 × 2 cm
Strekkode: 9789527468562
Forfatter: Cinthia Vallet
Forlag: Laine Publishing
Utgivelsesår: 2023
Sideantall: 215
Språk: Engelsk
Varegruppe: Bøker

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