Softly- Timeless Knits – Sari Nordlund

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En fantastisk bok med nydelige designs fra Sari Nordlund!

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Sari Nordlund is one of Finland’s most popular knitwear designers whose natural and timeless signature style has attracted a large following on her social media channels, especially on Instagram.

“Softly – timeless knits” contains 22 designs that are both inspiring to knit and can be worn from year to year. The book is a compilation of wardrobe staples that add a touch of softness and comfort to daily life but that can also be paired with more festive outfits.

The book offers a peek into Sari’s favourite yarns – the ones that Sari finds herself drawn to time after time and that turn into beautiful garments on her needles. Slow fashion is close to her heart and she favours ethically and organically produced yarn. Sari is passionate about creating patterns that stand the test of time and wear. A self-knit creation encourages the knitter to cherish the garment and to handle it with care so that it will bring joy for years to come.

The theme of timelessness is also reflected in the names Sari has selected for her patterns, each named after the muses of Ancient Greece. The book is photographed in Paris whose classical and neutral colour palette goes together with Sari’s knitwear designs. The elegant, Scandinavian style pieces are like made for today’s urban muses.

Sari delights in observing the everyday beauty of her surroundings and transforming it into her patterns. She draws inspiration from Nordic nature, the Art Nouveau architecture of Helsinki, art, music, films and fashion. Her work has been published in many prestigious knitting magazines around the world. Sari has also worked as a freelance designer for leading yarn companies, including Woolfolk and Brooklyn Tweed.


Varenummer: 1808358
Pakkevekt: 800 g
Pakkestørrelse: 25 × 20 × 4 cm
Strekkode: 9789527547045
Forfatter: Sari Nordlund
Forlag: Cozy Publishing
Utgivelsesår: 2023
Sideantall: 224
Språk: Engelsk
Format: Hardcover
Varegruppe: Bøker

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